lundi 10 juillet 2006

Rien à ajouter…
There is nothing I can add…
"Le Parisien" (Parisian) is the local edition for Paris and surrounding area of the national daily "Aujourd’hui en France" ( Today in France). On the photo, at the left: yesterday, at the right side: today. "Toute la France la veut" = "The whole of France wants it". "Wimbledon: formidable Amélie" = "Wimbledon: fantastic Amelie" and "Merci !" = "Thank you !"...

4 commentaires:

  1. Poor France. But remember that I made money by Italy winning! Yay SN!

  2. I was rather happy France played final and all Frenchs too despite we felt the cup. But don't forget our players are undefeated because the score is 1-1...

  3. Ha ha ha. Nice way to think about it. Beware the All Blacks. We will be in France in just one year.... ;o)

  4. GRRRR ! I'm not yet totally alzheimer struck ! 1999: France 2d and NZ 4th despite their dance (noisy and not so graceful than my butterfly's one), French team won semi against All Black. 2003: France 4th and NZ 3rd !!!
    *Nous sommes capables du pire comme du meilleur !* (abble to do worst as well as best)


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