dimanche 23 juillet 2006

Retour difficile *** Difficult return

Difficile de retrouver la civilisation...

Difficult to come back to civilization...

10 commentaires:

  1. Welcome back! Even though I know how hard it is to come back from a great wilderness vacation.

  2. I just found your blog. Your photos are beautiful.

  3. Glad that u r back friend :) :)

    Hope u had a great time.


  4. welcome back! u must share the experience..and more photos :)Is that a tree house...?

  5. tim , unhappily it was not so wild, just 4 days in mountain: I had to visit my family...
    homejewel , you're welcome. I'm happy to meet you and I find your blog so nice and delightful !
    san nakji , Bonsoir ! Tu es toi même un enchanteur !
    Thanks samrina, it was great but too short in nature !
    Ahaha ! Dear black feline, I just found that children tree house because I was interested with something else. Luck comes often so. Have you done small houses when kid ? I did plenty, in Ivory Coast, with branches and mud such as Africans do !

  6. My fond memories...with my late grandmother...when I was a kid. Every year,during the long school holidays (december), she brought me to visit and stay with her daughter's family (cousins...etc). Lots of home cooked goodies...children having fun..catching spiders, fishing, sleeping in the attic with my cousins, lots of chickens, birthday parties...etc but not small houses like what u mentioned..more with big empty paper boxes...lol

  7. black feline , you are lucky having had such a childhood !
    And such a large family. That's godsend...

  8. ça me rapelle des villages d'Amérique du sud :)

  9. Merci esmeraldas d'être passé et d'avoir laissé un coucou. Peut-être que cette cabane a un aspect un peu nonchallant ? Ou peut-être le fait qu'elle soit en bois favorise la ressemblance avec l'Amérique du sud. La forêt Vosgienne aurait-elle à voir avec la forêt Amazonienne ?


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