samedi 1 juillet 2006

Florilège *** Medley

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  1. Great pictures. Are some of these your family?

  2. On s'y croirait!!!!!

  3. Et maintenant on fonce vrers une Finale Allemagne France!!!

  4. tim, you may see a guy twice. I think he rather looks like Matt Damon ! But my daughter says no ! He's her boy friend. Annabelle took the photos.
    ~Vy~, c'est vrai ! Nos deux allemands ont pris de belles photos très animées et parlantes...
    titi, croisons les doigts... Mais, dis moi, quand vas tu retirer ton maillot allemand ? Tu n'as pas l'intention de le laver un jour ?

  5. Yay France! I am so happy that your team won. You were right with your prediction Cergie, very smart. I am thinking Italy v France in the final, what do you think?

  6. France did very well...Zidane is Footballer of World Cup 2006...i can see them in the finale...

  7. San Nakji, who could say that at the beginning of the WC ? Brazil will perhaps win France 2010 ! More than 50 years without victory !
    Etienne's prediction: France-Germany ! Now he's always with a German shirt and he says it's not necessary to wash it ! However, I presume when and if France wins Portugal and may go to Berlin that he will remove it !!
    black feline,yes of course, the oldest team of the WC 2006 is now on top form. And ZZ is our hero !

  8. Cergieeeeee .. noway .. don't tell me u went and saw a worldcup game .. noo mannn .. comoonnnn u should have called me and we would have gone together mann .. tsk i sooo much wanted to see a world cup game mann ..

    hey hey by the way u should be one happy fella .. france won .. what an upset .. but i am glad they did .. i just love seeing Zidane .. he is sooo awesomeee .. i mean his skillset has no match !!

  9. Nabeel,it was very difficult to get places: there was a lotery and my daughter won a right to buy 3. It might have been the last French match !... German were supporting Togo. It was funny ! Annabelle works near Koln in Leverkusen (there is a great football team there). But not necessary to live in Germany, in France there's football fever too. Lots of kids or people wearing soccer skirts !
    And yes Zidane is a wizzard ! And so happy to play. He has two matches before syopping his player job now !


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