vendredi 18 août 2006

Premières pommes *** First apples

Les fruits d'hiver arrivent !
En Région Parisienne les premières pommes sont mûres vers le 15 août.
Je suis allée chercher des pommes à la libre cueillette.
Des Delbard Estivales, acidulées et sucrées à la fois.
Winter fruits are coming !
Here, near Paris, we get the first apples from mid-August.
So today, I went to the self-gathering house. I picked some sweet and at the same time slightly acid apples.

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  1. I remember....when i was working in Japan...big juicy apples (Fuji type) by the for all! Back home...the imported similar apples cost at least US$2 per piece!!!!!!!!!

  2. hmm @ apples .. I was reading this science article that said Apple are better than caffiene when it comes to fighting sleep :)

    Awww @ first apples .. I am sure they must be sweeet .. with sugar on top.

  3. black feline, these apples "fuji" are well knowed even in France and they are Japonese indeed. Apples needs coldest part of winter to produce fruits. It the reason why in some part of earth they are so expensive. Japan is a cold country.
    Actually oranges or pineapple by example grows elsewhere. Actually, that's good to have so different weathers and fruits.
    nabeel, and good too to avoid digestive cancer (thanks to fibres), and when cooked to cure diarrhoea. The must is that they are so easy to keep in a cellar untill spring.
    Apples are godsend !

  4. Apples are a great fruit. Every fall, my dad makes apple cider (not the alcoholic cider) from apples he grows on the farm. Delicious! And I love Mom's apple tarts and apple crisp and apple brown betty. And how could I forget her apple cake!

  5. Farmer boy, you are, Tim.
    And how lucky !
    (Remember, I told you I like this book where Laura Ingalls speaks about her husband's chilhood.)

  6. Bonjour,San Nakji,
    You know what ?
    A = Annabelle
    P = Patrick
    P = Pierre
    L = Lucie
    E = Etienne
    And it was not even deliberate

  7. En effet mes pommes d'été sont également sucrées et acidulées à la fois. Et en plus c'est libre cueillette pour moi dans mon jardin!

  8. Est ce que San se serait mis parmi les AppleS ? rire

  9. Nous pas la chance, pas de voyelles, GRMMC !

  10. san nakji, that's not new for me !
    René, tu mérites ta réputation de boa mangeur de pommes, tu as de la chance de récolter tes propres pommes mais cela te donne un boulot de forçat et tu n'as qu'une espèce dont tu ignores même le nom.
    Ceci dit je suis moi même très jalouse de tes pommes, de tes mirabelles (aux alentours) et de tes groseilles.
    Et de plus si notre nom de famille avait commencé par M., Etienne aurait eu droit à la montre du grand'père.
    On ne peut tout avoir.


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