jeudi 14 septembre 2006

Toccata et Fugue sur Smart

Variation (fugue) brillante (toccata) sur le thème de la Smart.
Cette citadine est très appréciée dans les grandes villes. Surtout pour la possibilité qu'elle offre de se garer en long comme en large.
Pour San Nakji: un modèle rallongé pour caser sa grande famille (?).
Pour Black Feline: la smart ne fonctionne pas encore à l'énergie solaire, à l'huile de coude ni au gaz, à l'électricité, ni même au diesel. On ne la trouve encore qu'en version essence.
Les Français n'ayant guère été intéressés par ce message, je la propose donc dans leur coloris préfèré: le bleu.
Smart is a very small car, quite easy to park in a city as you may see ( lengthways or crosswise) . San Nakji needs a car with 4 doors because he has a large family (?). In order, M'sieur. Unfortunately, dear Black Feline, no possibility to have a solar propulsion, only petrol-powered. I noticed that this post was not a great success for my French readers, so I’m offering today the choice between two different blue Smart. Blue is our favourite colour.

9 commentaires:

  1. Thanks! That stretch car is much better for my family. We can all fit in there! Please send one over. My preferred colour is red :O)

  2.'s really small....perhaps for send me the blue one...thank

  3. These are neat little cars. I bet they get great gas mileage. They should sell them here in the States.

  4. these cars are not very good when it comes to Accidents .. i mean .. ok sure you can drive safely .. but most accidents are caused by the other person ..

  5. old uncle San Nakji, so black is not your favorite !
    Red is one colour of NZ.
    black feline, you're an exception, neither dubaï nore Singapour have blue on their flag.
    Maybe are you a French cat in fact ?
    tim, for me youdon't need them in States, your streets are so large.
    nabeel, you're right, however these car is rather used in cities.
    There is a strange phenomenom in France: big 4x4 cars , not adapted for town, but so conductors can climb on the sidewalk and THAT is dangerous... for pedestrians !

  6. cergie,

    listen very from the french underground resistance i have a pairs of blue its matching..

  7. LOL !
    In French: MDR = Mort De Rire = laughing to death.
    In the past we bought, my husband and I, each a pair of adidas, we were finding very funny to see our 4 feet the same blue !

  8. Even if our streets are large, in the cities parking space can be so small. So their small size would be an advantage - that is until a big car or truck plowed into you. :)

  9. I totally aggree with you especially for the last point. I had a neighbour who had a big 4x4 car and once he did not stop when the light became red. (His telephon was ringing at this moment).
    He completely destroyed the car of a poor young woman who was crossing his road !
    Happily, it was not a smart !


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