lundi 24 juillet 2006

La vache Vosgienne *** Vosgienne cow

Les Vosges sont une région productrice de produits laitiers. On y retrouve donc des vaches… laitières.
Quelques unes de celles que j’ai croisées.
Au dessus du lac de Gérardmer, la mignonne Vosgienne, qui a failli disparaître, heureusement préservée par quelques irréductibles. Noire et blanche. Excellente petite montagnarde. Très bonne laitière.
Sur la route des crêtes, la Pie rouge avec ses larges taches brunes (photo du haut droit) et la Pie noire dite Holstein (bas gauche), véritable « pisseuse de lait » et très décriée par JP Coffe…
Et la fameuse Charolaise, race à viande en bas à droite, que j’ai photographiée en Meurthe et Moselle.
Et les chevaux, me direz vous... Les chevaux, je les ai trouvés mignons s'interrompant de paître la bouche pleine d'herbe pour me regarder.
In my mountain, there are many, many dairy cows because there is a great production of milk and dairy production (cheese of course). The pretty one black and white I show twice (look how they are kindly fighting these two young heifers) is a cow “Vosgienne”, name coming from the name of the mountain Vosges. But this good dairy and mountain cow almost disappeared to the so famous Holstein.
At the right low corner of the montage, I show a meat cow: la Charolaise. But I did not find it in les Vosges but in the near department.
Why horses ? Why not? I find them so cute looking at me, their mouth full of good grass.

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  1. love the not a meat (beef, pork or mutton) person by choice...except fish and

    Those beautiful cows...must be huge!

  2. Oh! just loved the pics u placed there though i dnt like cows that much but still these pics r really awesome:)

    By the way u r tagged, hope u wont mind n accept it :)


  3. black feline , I'm not meat eater too ! But cows are necessary and there I find a lanscape with them so peaceful.
    The cow "Vosgienne" is small and weighs 650 kg, she gives 44oo kg milk / Year.
    The cow "Holstein", taller, but rather thin. 700 kg and from 8500 untill 10000 kg milk / year !
    "Charolaise" is a good mother for its calf. She is bigger and weighs from 700 to 1200 kg ! All muscle ! And very good meat.
    samrina , that's kind from you. That's good to have friends from everywhere and particularly from Pakistan, so far but a beautiful country with such a culture and history.

  4. Drôle de tronche, ta vache, sur la 1ère photo !

    J'aime bien le sourire de cette race ;)

  5. They look delicious!

    Horses are evil and must be destroyed!

  6. Ah, farm animals are so fun and beneficial. Sometimes I think the cows watch us.

  7. Yes we have many here...I love cows, they're right in tune with nature...

  8. anouschka, connais tu personnellement une vache vosgienne ? Et ne me dis pas qu'elle s'appelle Marguerite;
    san nakji, the destiny of a cow is to have calf, milk, and then be eaten.
    And though you think the opposite, horses get old on a meadow, even in France !
    tim, yes they do indeed !
    In France we use to say they are watching trains passing by ! They have no television, you know !
    Kuan Gung , you're welcome ! Thanks for posting a comment. I like cows too. HuuMMMmm ! However I don't like to meet bull in nature !


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