mercredi 26 juillet 2006

EPINAL: La basilique Saint Maurice

Dans cette basilique nous nous sommes mariés.
We got married in that basilica.

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  1. Il semble vieux mais il y a un sens de l'élégance autour de lui.

  2. What a wonderful building! I am sure it is full of great memories for you

  3. wow! it's so grand! and I like the gothic feel to it...must be a memorable one...:)

  4. emer , oui elle est vieille ! Le pape Leon IX l'a consacrée en l'année 1051 ! Mais elle est magnifique. Pas si grande, mais magnifique.
    san nakji , sad memories too, the funerals of my father and then mother. For my grand'father (1928) and Grand'mother(1950), i was not there , nor for my uncle and one of my aunts.
    But something funny: I every Sunday when hearing bells jumping in my Sunday best and crossing the street to attend the office !
    black feline , the archs inside that I show are... gothic !

  5. I've been exploring your blog and you have great photos! I love the stories attached to them as well. I've never been to France, but now I can visit through your blog from time to time. :)

  6. Your are welcome here Stephen, where and when you'll like and have time to come.
    Thanks for compliments. I'm happy you like my blog and having meeting you.
    Read you soon here or there on your blog !!!


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