jeudi 27 juillet 2006

CERGY: Jaune *** Yellow

Ma coulée verte a la jaunisse.
Mais ce n'est pas un effet du dessèchement de l'herbe par la canicule !
D'ailleurs la France entière respire mieux depuis les violents orages de cette nuit.
My green yard is jaundice sicked. It's not the fact of dry grass.
Moreover, the whole France is better: we had such terrible storms last night that air is fresh again.

8 commentaires:

  1. Did the storms cool things down?

  2. wow! it looks like Van Gogh's painting!

  3. san nakji , ouais they did ! They were terrible and yesterday they arrived in Vosges, because the weather depends winds and winds blow from West to East in Europe. Then, Vosges mountains stop clouds and it rains... Behind Vosges it's more sunny.
    black feline , thanks for compliment. You know, I'm living somewhere called "la terre des impressionistes" where Monet, Cezanne, Pissaro, Sisley and of course Van Gogh painted !
    tim , my green yard is an universe for me and always moving. Never boring !

  4. That yellow field of dandelions look really pretty, but I hate them...they make me sneeze!

  5. My daughter had some problem too with grass and she had a treatment to be desensitized. not only she sneezed but she scratched herself. That was terrible !

  6. Grâce à ton réseau dormant d'indicateurs, tu peux faire des photos intéressantes pour tes blogreaders... Je suis content du résultat, ta photo est très belle!

  7. Merci mon titi, pour l'info et pour le compliment.


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