mardi 25 juillet 2006

Moisson *** Harvest

Aujourd’hui il a fait si chaud !
Voici quelques images de moisson. Autour de Cergy, elles se terminent, dans les Vosges, elles commencent.
Le feu a été photographié de l’autoroute en partant quelque part dans la plaine champenoise. Patrick pense avoir vu la moissonneuse dans le feu.
La moissonneuse batteuse et son camion à remorque au retour toujours dans un champ champenois.
The weather was so hot today !
Now harvest is going everywhere. In Vosges, just the beginning.
Plain of Champagne is very good for cereal. Not only for vine-yard.
I took the fire in that plain on our leaving travel and the engines (combine harvester and trailer tractor) when we came back…

4 commentaires:

  1. Lighting a fire in summer? Doesn't sound very smart :-O

    The whole of the Northern Hemisphere looks too hot for me! I will stay here I think.

  2. That fire looks dangerous and all that smoke! But the harvesting scenes are beautiful.

  3. Dnt know much about harvesting infact farming but the pics u took r awesome n its seem interesting:)

    Lightning fire in summers wud have made it more hot i guess.

    By the way friend u r been taged, hope u wont mind n accept it:) Have a visit at my blog!


  4. All of you, yes, it's dangerous but it was an accident. Weat is so dry and just a spark is enough to light a big fire. Tim knows that !!!
    Being an agricultor is a dangerous and necessary job.
    When the weather is so hot and dry a fire grows so quickly. I saw that once behind my Architecture School in the park. Happily we were enough and we were rapid. In French we say "bruler comme un feu de paille" which means very quickly. Feu= fire and paille = straw...


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