samedi 3 juin 2006

Mon nom Chinois

Mon amie Lichun m'a donné mon nom chinois:

"Ton nom chinois:
露西 : Rosée de l'ouest
Prononciation:Lou Xi
露丝 : Rosée de fils
Prononciation:Lou Si"

Je choisis:
露丝 et en remercie ma Fleur de Chine.
My French name is: Lucie.
My friend Lichun gave me the choice between these two Chinese names.
I prefer
露丝, that means "dew thread".
This peony from my garden, a Chinese flower, is for her.

11 commentaires:

  1. That's gorgeous. You are quite an artist with your photography.

  2. That is beautiful. I wish I had a garden, but our weather here is too hot and dry. I just can't seem to keep plants alive. hehehe

  3. Il doit y avoir un nom chinois pour signifier lumière qui est le sens de Lucie ?

  4. excellent shot...and the name..perfect in chinese..:)

  5. Tim, thanks you're a true friend.

    Oricon Ailin, pretty purple Scottish flower, sure you may find plants for dryness, don't try the ones which needs another weather. And it's possible to much water. Ihi !!!

    Curioseur, bonne question, je l'avais posée à Lichun, tu sais, je suis attachée au sens de mon prénom. Mais en Chine, ils privilégient le son pour traduire et le sens du nom choisi.
    Fil de rosée me plaît beaucoup.

    Black Feline, I'm so happy to have a Chinese name ! I wonder if you have one too.

  6. yes....but unable to put the chinese characters's hei mao....meaning black

  7. I have one too! Can't tell anyone though ;oP

  8. Black Feline, cat in Vietnamese: "con mèo", it's amazing almost the same. Chinese cats say: "miao" and French ones "miaou".

    San Nakji, is it because it's too awful like the Vietnamese name my mother gave me when I was a baby ?
    Lichun gave another translation for my name: "曦=Xi: lumiere du matin". Morning light.
    Because "Lucie" means light in fact.

  9. No, because it is my real name ;o)

  10. Je me souviens de ce billet, de mon commentaire et de ta réponse .


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